The Banquet of Söderköping

The Banquet of Söderköping is a historical event, held every year, and focusing on the periods of the Vikings and the Middle Ages. We offer a variety of quality experiences and activities, both fun and exciting as well as educational, for everyone. We hope hereby to increase the interest for and knowledge of these periods of our history. The event is made possible through the work of volunteers as well as the cooperation of the town council and the trade and industry of our town.

Söderköping was founded circa 1210 AD and was one of Sweden’s most important harbours and trade centers during this period. Here was held many important meetings between kings, principals of the church and other great men in the society. On two occasions coronations of royalty has taken place in Söderköping. Söderköping was then considered a big city and its burghers were among the wealthiest in the country.

Today only two churches and few cellars remain from the Middle Ages, although the town is still laid out roughly according to the medieval city plan. The small town centre and the small houses from the 19th an 20th centuries make the town a perfect setting for a medieval event.

During the three days of the Banquet there are a many different things to do and see. We will here give some examples of what can be enjoyed during the event.

There will be:

Knights with horses in procession
-Tournaments (jousts) with real horses and knights
– Battle shows
– Archery shows and competitions. You will also be able to try it yourself with historical bows, both for children and adults.
– Plays for children and adults
– Horseshows with horses from Iceland, famous for their hardiness and their five paces. You can also try riding them yourself.
– Open stage competition for best performance
– Jesters’ shows
– Lectures on the life of the knights and other subjects
– Medieval games for both children and adults
– A Nordic music festival with music from the Middle Ages with concerts both in churches and on outdoor stage as well as workshops and lectures

There will be jesters and musicians crowding the streets of the town and a medieval market will be held in a historical setting in town.

The children can try the work of an archeologist and they can also try out different kinds of crafts.

The Banquet ends on Sunday with a festive procession through town.